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25 February 2024:


Also in the last year a lot has happened, here are some highlights:


Several new PhD students joined our network: Jéhan Le Cadre, Tiana Renard and Elham Mahdipour in Munich, and Swane Jung in Rostock. Two PhD students successfully defended their theses: Ana Zippel and Serita Van der Wal. Congratulations!


Moreover, new postdocs joined our network: Sofía Arce via Joachim's Lichtenberg professorship and Yanzhe Fu with a fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Ana Zippel is now also a postdoc in our network. All three successfully applied for support via the Postdoc Support Fund of the LMU, Ana is additionally supported by the BioMentoring program of the Faculty of Biology at LMU.


We could welcome Derek Briggs, Yale University, as research guest, also funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He will visit us again this year.


Carolin received her teaching qualification. Since April 2023 she is substitute professor for Systematic Zoology (previously Prof. Haszprunar)


Joachim is tenured professor since April 2023.


06 February 2023:


Since our last news entry, a lot has happened. Here is a short summary of the positive news despite the pandemic years:


Viktor Baranov received the Hintelmann award of the Friends of the Zoological State Collection Munich in 2020. In December 2022, he moved to Sevilla with a Ramon y Cajal Fellowship. Congratulations!


Marie K. Hörnig moved to Rostock in December 2022 to start her own workgroup on functional morphology in the department of medical biology. All the best to her!


Several new PhD students joined our network: Ana Zippel, Florian Braig, André Amaral and Alejandro Caballero in Munich, Christine Kiesmüller and Joshua Gauweiler in Greifswald. Two PhD students defended their theses: "Jamie" Michel Schmidt and Mario Schädel. Congrats!


Carolin submitted her habilitation thesis and had her habilitation colloquium.


Joachim's Lichtenberg professorship was positively evaluated and will be supported for another three years by the Volkswagen Foundation.


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