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28 August 2017:


It has now been a while since we posted something on our news page. Yet, that does not mean that nothing is happening in our group, the opposite is true! As you can see on our team page, our lab is quite full, with several running research projects, partly as bachelor or master projects. During the last year several students received funding via Lehre@LMU, more precisely Lara-Leonie Fetzer and Paula Gundi, Daniel Heimerl, Peter Schächinger and Florian Braig, as well as Dominik Kammerer. Hence, we would like to thank the funders heartily and are looking forward to the results!


Furthermore, Joachim successfully acquired external funding. The funding of his project on the topic “Palaeo-evo-devo on malacostracan crustaceans” will be continued by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for another 3 years as a PhD position. The application deadline ends in a few days.


Additionally, we attended several meetings, sometimes just the two of us, others with several team members, e.g., the Symposium on Mesozoic and Cenozoic decapod crustaceans in Villers-sur-Mer, the annual meeting of the Palaeontological Association in Lyon, or just recently the International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology in Moscow. Carolin was kindly invited by the Royal Society to give a talk at the Rhynie Chert Symposium in London. These meetings inspired us to get more active in this aspect. Therefore, the next meeting of German-speaking carcinologists in Munich 2019 will be organised by us together with Roland Melzer from the Zoological State Collection. Furthermore, Joachim founded the research group Palaeobiology in the German Palaeontological Society together with Alex Nützel from the Department of Palaeontology and Kenneth de Baets from Erlangen to emphasise the biological aspects in palaeontology. The research group will meet for the first time on 05 October 2017 in Munich, further information here.


Our team also published several papers, especially our PhD students. Therefore, in spring our first PhD student Christina Nagler submitted her cumulative dissertation and defended it successfully a few weeks ago. Congratulations to her and all the best for her future career!


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